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GE Sentry Software Usage Ideas

GE Sentry allows you to Save Multiple Settings for future use
or to Export/Import and share your Special Settings with other Sentry users.

Sentry Menu

                                            If you are training a young or inexperienced driver.
                                                 1. Reduce the Speed Limit, so top speed is reduced
                                                 2. Reduce the Controlled Acceleration, so the vehicle travels from creep to top speed, very slowly.
                                                 3. Reduce the Creep/Slow Speed setting, so the vehicle starts at a very slow speed.
  Once these settings are changed, you can Save the new settings. Now by connecting your laptop
  you can go from your normal settings to these slow settings and back to your normal settings anytime.
You can Save an infinite number of complete settings files and Download the files to the controller.
Save As

Save As Screen

                                           If you live in an area or use a vehicle that has very level terrain, you may be interested in longer range.
                                                 1. Reduce the Controlled Acceleration to give you slow starts. Which saves on battery power.
                                                 2. Reduce the Current Limit setting, so the vehicle limits the current it uses, this will slow the vehicle, especially on hills.
                                                 3. Reduce the Creep/Slow speed settings to avoid jack rabbit starts.

                                           If you would like to increase the speed of the vehicle.
                                                       Note: Not all controls are able to be set to increase the speed significantly, always be careful when changing settings.
                                                  1. Increase the Speed Limit Function
                                                  2. Reduce the Minimum Field Current, this adjusts the top speed of the motor.
                                                     Caution must be used when adjusting this Function. Motor damage could occur.
                                                  3.  Reduce your Regenerative Braking settings.

                                             You can Monitor several features of the vehicle, using Sentry.
                                      If you are having problems or you are fine tuning, this is an excellent Diagnostic Tool.

                                                   1. Monitor Battery voltage, while operating the vehicle
                                                   2. Monitor the accelerator performance
                                                   3. Monitor your vehicle Current Draw in different driving conditions.
                                                   4. View the last Status/Fault codes that occured, which will also include the Hour Meter Reading and
                                                       Battery State of Charge at the time of the fault. This is especially useful if you are having an intermittent
                                                       problem, one that comes and goes.
                                                   5. Monitor Key Switch input.
                                                   6. Monitor the 12 Volt supply internal to the controller.
Monitor Image

Monitor Page

Status Page

Status/Fault Page

                                             If you have sent your controller out to be specially programmed for an upgraded motor or larger tires.
                                                    1. You can Save all your new settings in case you need to purchase a new controller. Once the settings are
                                                        Saved you will always have the settings and will never have to send your controller out again.
                                                    2. You can Save and Export your settings, so someone else can use the same upgraded settings.
                                                    3. If you have Sentry before you send out the controller, you can Save your original settings and the new settings to compare
                                                        the changes. Once you Save settings, you can also print them so you have a permanent record of them.
Import Export

                                              If you have specially tuned a Forklift or Vehicle for a specific application for a customer.
                                                    1. Save the settings that you've used to your library. The next time the control fails, you can easily Download the original Settings.
                                                    2. You can Save all your service vehicles settings, create your own library of settings and vehicles.
                                                        Now you can Export and Import setting files between all your service technicians.
                                                    3. If you service numberous vehicles, you can Save the OEM settings, to be used on other vehicles you service.

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