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General Electric Controller Programming and Diagnostics Options

Just about any GE controller can be connected to a laptop for Programming and Diagnostics
Whether it is used on a Forklift, Neighborhood Electric Vehicle or Golf cart.

The following is a listing of available Cable options for various GE Controls

EV100 and EVT100 ZX Controls With 14 Pin Data Port

EV100ZX Card

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EV100ZX Cable
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This is a 14 Pin, 2 Row Rectangular Connector
GE Sentry will not work With GE LX Series Controls

GE Black or Silver Box Controls with 12 Pin Data Port,
Sometimes Called Gen I and Gen II

Gen II Control
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Gen II Cable
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This is a 12 Pin, 2 Row Square Connector. This Connector
is used on the Black and Silver Box Controls

GE Silver Gen I Controls With 8 Pin Data Port
Gen I 8 Pin Data
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RS232 Module
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Most of the 8 Pin data port controls do not include the RS232
Circuitry within the control. This module allows communication
using RS232 circuitry. This Programming Module comes in a kit
which was designed to work with the GEM Car 353T1 controls
See more information here:
Programming Module Kit
Email us with your GE control Part Number for more information.

IP/IT400 Series Controls
IT/IP400 Control
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IP/IT400 Cable
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This is a larger 14 pin, 3 row connector. Similar to the Main 23 Pin
Connector, but smaller.

GE Controls Without a Data Port Plug
GE Control
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Special Cable
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These Controls require a special Connector Setup which plugs into
The Main 23 Pin Plug. You remove the vehicle Connector and insert
This Programming cable. These kits will not allow the Diagnostic
Part of the software Function, since you will not be able to
Run the vehicle with the Programming cable inserted.

Specialized Kits are available for Certain Applications. If you do
Not see your Controller Part Number, email us to see what
Programming Cable will work for your application.

Specialized Kits

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