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Ge Sentry Interface Cables

These RS232 Serial Interface Cables are used to connect your laptop or PC to the
newer General Electric control Systems. The cables
and fully shielded
  Extension Cable come ready to connect  to the Main  Control  Assembly.
  Using the GE Sentry or OEM Software you can adjust and 
monitor Functions for your control. 

Cable for use with EV100ZX and EVT100ZX
Control Systems. 14 Pin "Y" Connector
to DB9 RS232 Socket



EV100 Cable

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GEN II Cable

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Cable For use with GenII/SX
Control Systems
12 Pin "PY" Connector to DB9 RS232 Socket


Cable for use with IT400/IP400 Control Systems.
14 Pin "Y" Connector
to DB9 RS232 Socket

IT/IP 400
IP400 Cable
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23 pin cable

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Cable For use with controllers Without a Data Plug Port
This Cable Connects directly to the Main 23 Pin Plug

Without data Port

Each Cable comes with a Fully Shielded 6 Foot Extension Cable

DB9 Extension Cable

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More Information On Cable Options

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Diagnostic and Programming Kits available
For Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

PLEASE NOTE: This cable is a 9 Pin DB9 Serial Port Cable. Make sure your computer you plan to use has a True Serial Port.
The Serial Port on your computer will have 9 Male Pins, do not confuse this with the monitor connector.
I have used USB to Serial Converters, some work some don't, I have had good success with the
Hawking UC232S   Make sure any you try has over 230kbps Data Transfer Rate.
I have also used the Cables Unlimited Model USB-2920, purchased from Tiger Direct for about $15.00
The USB-2920 was  little harder to install.

Some have also used the SYBA PCMCIA Model SD-PCB-1S, with success, but I could not get it to work.
Some of the reviews also mentioned it worked well but very difficult to get operational.



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