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GEM Car Diagnostics and Programming Kit

If you have the GE IC3645SH7R353T2 Controller
There is no longer any need for an expensive Programmer.


The T2 Series has a 12 pin Data Port Plug

8 Pin Data Port

Not sure which Controller you Have?
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GEM T2 Kit
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Kit Includes everything you need:

Service CD Includes:
The Complete Kit Also Includes:
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The GE Manual includes: What Can I do with GE Sentry Software?

What Others Have said:

"All you do is unplug the BDI, and plug in the cable to the computer. Reprogram the controller using the GE Sentry software.
Then unplug the computer cable and replug in the BDI. Then turn off the GEM for about
15 seconds via the disconnect switch under the seat. Then turn it back on."

"Oh Yeah! THANK YOU!!!!!!
I'll post my settings when I get them off of my other pc. This is great!"

"I got the programming cable and software from Forklift Electronics and
today, I successfully changed several values. It was a blast. My speedo was a little that fixed using the GPS to compare. "

I turned on the master switch and found the right port and it worked perfectly! Basically, I didn't change the acceleration because
I overheat in the summer and don't really care if I make it up to 35 on the flats. In fact, there are no flats up here.
I am either chugging along between 15 & 25 uphill, or wanting to coast downhill a little faster
than 25 without having to constantly feather the accelerator. So I changed my rolling radius to 83.
And since I  was overheating so much last summer, I changed my pedal down regen decel rate to 130. It is perfect now!!
Thanks for all your help!
Just a quick report... I got in, saved original settings, then changed MPH overspeed to 35 and saved as a test variable. 
Ran the GEM up and down our hill and immediately got to 30 mph down a hill, over the 28 setting prior so
I know all is working well.  All and all, from install to setting change and test, it took about 35 minutes.
 Thanks again for your advice and help.
Running Windows XP with Hawking  USB Converter

The Interface cable connects to your Laptop or PC and to the 12 Pin Data Plug Port on your T2 Controller.
The Detailed Instructions take you step by step through the Software Setup.

DB9 Serial Port Computer Connector
DB9 Connector

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PLEASE NOTE: This cable is a 9 Pin DB9 Serial Port Cable. Make sure your computer you plan to use has a True Serial Port.
The Serial Port on your computer will have 9 Male Pins, do not confuse this with the monitor connector.
I have used USB to Serial Converters, some work some don't, I have had good success with the
Hawking UC232S   Make sure any you try has over 230kbps Data Transfer Rate.
I have also used the Cables Unlimited Model USB-2920, purchased from Tiger Direct for about $15.00
The USB-2920 was  little harder to install.

Some have also used the SYBA PCMCIA Model SD-PCB-1S, with success, but I could not get it to work.
Some of the reviews also mentioned it worked well but very difficult to get operational.

We have been supplying Programming Kits for Electric Forklifts using GE Sentry Software since it was first a DOS program.
We are fully authorized by GE to distribute this software and it comes direct from GE.
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If You have the T3 Series Control without a Data Port Plug, There is a Dedicated Kit For your Controller:
T3 Diagnostic and Programming Kit

If You have the T4 Series Control without a Data Port Plug, There is a Dedicated Kit For your Controller:
T4 Diagnostic and Programming Kit

If You have the T1 Series Control with an 8 Pin Data Port Plug, There is a Dedicated Kit For your Controller:
T1 Diagnostic and Programming Kit

If you have the 353E1 Controller Used on the Zenn Car
Zenn Car Diagnostic and Programming Kit

If you have the 262TB1 Controller Used on the Tomberlin NEV
Tomberlin EV Diagnostic and Programming Kit

PLEASE NOTE: Certain Parameters should not be changed from Factory Settings,
Forklift Electronics Is Not Responsible for any changes made to your existing settings.

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